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The S.m.a.r.t. programs are specifically designed to work both for students aswell as professional retail staff. The theoretical parts of the courses consist of short videos and material for self-studies that can be done outside working hours, and the main focus is set on the practical aspects of the store. We don’t believe that knowledge is best obtained through theory alone, but rather that the best way to make knowledge actually “stick” is to cement theory with practice – with the customer, and in real life situations. An important part of the process is also the knowledge exchanged between colleagues, and there is nothing preventing the program from being done in groups.

E-learning is an exciting new way to learn that is as simple as it is clever. There are a total of ten sections in the styling course and eleven sections in material science, and we recommend that you work on one section at a time. When the theoretical part is finished you follow up with the practical exercises and meet real customers between each section. In this way, the sellers get to test their theoretical knowledge in practice along the way.

The seller can always go back and repeat – knowledge is always available
Each section contains tips on exercises that the sellers can do on their own, but they can also be carried out on a team and group level. If you perform the exercises together it actually opens up for new opportunities to discuss and exchange experiences, but above all, to build a team that can sell well together. Sales is a team effort! To exchange experiences and learn from each other is important for development. A clear advantage of e-learning is that it is easy to go back and repeat the sections that need a little extra work.

Coaching Training
Do you have an organization that you yourself want to train and sharpen even more? Simply add the extra Coaching Training. This is for the companies and organizations that want to coach their sales staff even further. Each Coaching Training consists of 4 days with 12-15 participants. It answers questions like: How do I support the team and individual development? How do I create commitment, drive and results using e-learning and exercises in the store?

Welcome to a smarter way to work!

Examples of customers Smart has trained in the style advising / personal shopping:
Lindex, Joy, MQ, RNB, Acne, Åhléns, Indiska, Desam Group, Flash

Examples of customers who use Smart materials science:
MQ, Åhléns, Indian