What do I need in terms of technical equipment to carry out the training program?
You need a computer or tablet, and a broadband connection.

Do I get any documentation that I have passed the training?
Yes, you get a certificate when you have completed the training program and the following exam.

Can I do it alone, or do I have to be in a group?
You perform the exercise program on your own on the computer and by practical exercises in the store.

What does the license include?
You buy the right to use the training program annually for a license fee. You purchase one license per user. After the first year, you can extend your subscription to a lower licensing cost.

How do I renounce my license?
You should actively terminate your contract by e-mail to us. You purchase annual licenses. The license is valid during one school year or one year from the date of payment.

What does it cost?
It depends on how many licenses you buy. From 4800 SEK excluding VAT if you buy a few.

Schools and non-profit organizations enjoy a reduced fee.

How can I pay?
You pay by invoice when you order the product. As soon as you have paid, you will be able to use your license.

What if I question what is said in the training?
We wish and hope that you contact us through our blog, or email us at info@smartstylingtraning.se .

Can I get special education?
You can buy classroom training as required or you can join our four-day training for those who want to become trainers in your store. Contact us and find out what will work out best for you and your business.

Can I as a consumer to buy the product?
We have no plans to offer Smart styling training to a specific consumer, but of course, you are welcome to purchase a single license if you want to improve in the areas of color theory, textiles learn and styling.

Is the product available in other languages?
Materials theory is currently available in English and we are working on translating the whole program. Other languages can be made available through request.

Do I need a manual to learn how to implementprogram in schools / companies?
The program is very user friendly, and if you buy the teacher / manager’s license, you will be able to register your students and observe and communicate their progress. The only instruction you need is how to easily register the student. Easy as!