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Knowledge about styling increases sales

Regardless of whether your shop is focused on self service or personal advice, your sales force plays a decisive role for sales and profitability. Such things as motivation and emotional state obviously plays a big role in performance, but in the end it is competence, skill and experience that drives sales.

Styling is the science of how clothes can change the perception of a person’s body. With knowledge of styling, a fashion advisor can convincingly explain why a certain piece of clothing is a little better than another, and upselling will also be a natural part of helping the customer throughout the sales process. Instead of recommending a single garment, the seller can in a convincing and professional manner recommend an entire outfit with matching accessories.

The customer has a goal when they come into your store: a desire to leave the store with a new garment. Through a friendly and knowledgeable conversation, your clothing advisor gets the customer to choose more individual garments and even make additional sales in a natural way. It creates unexpected service and the customers become loyal and dedicated fans. Styling training is simply a good investment in your staff!


S.m.a.r.t. Styling Training: Study on your own or in teams, and practice in stores
There has long been instructor-led courses in styling but they are often costly and require a physical onsite presence.

S.m.a.r.t. styling training offers a cost- and time-efficient solution to the problem. Thanks to its online platform, your fashion advisors can get extensive styling training at low cost. The training is effective as it comes with many practical exercises that are to be performed in a store. The process gives the seller an opportunity to test his/hers knowledge of the course.

How does it work?

The course is divided into ten sections. After each section there are a number of exercises that your fashion advisor will perform in the store. We recommend that they take the training and exercises together, but it is also great to do them individually. The exercises are there to train the students on handling customer relations: to effectively add and upsell, all while customers feel they get brilliant service.


A concept that grew out of actual experience
We who created the concept S.m.a.r.t. Styling Training have extensive experience in product development, sales and training in retail.

Miriam Kellermann is perhaps Sweden’s foremost educator of stylists and personal shoppers. She has worked in the fashion industry for 25 years and worked with concept and product development in the international fashion business.

Tommy Hellstrom has worked in the fashion industry for 17 years and worked with including in-Wear, Pepe Jeans, MQ and Levi’s. For eight years he was CEO of Mexx. Tommy has since 2002 developed the retail company focused on brand, sales and service.

Dan Grönstedt has over 20 years producing and developing e-learning with a focus on sales and service. His programs have won several international awards, such as Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award.